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Grado - RS2x Headphones

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Grado - RS2x Headphones

Grado - RS2x Headphones


Dual-Wood Design: Maple and Hemp Merge in the Innovative Grado RS2x Headphones, Offering Superb Sonics, Elegant Style, and Exceptional Comfort

The Grado RS2x headphones combine maple and hemp for spectacular sound and aesthetic elegance, with 44mm drivers that offer reduced distortion and sustained harmonic integrity. The housing's sleeve and ring are made from maple, while a hemp core helps ensure that the sound is open and detailed. For decades, Grado has used wood for its tonal abilities, and the RS2x represents another important chapter in designing headphones that provide incredible sonics, exceptional comfort, and organic style.

Constructed from premium materials, the RS2x are designed for use with your home hi-fi system. Grado engineers are inspired by the quest to discover new sonic textures and elements in songs they have heard hundreds of times before—and that is the goal of the RS2x. The driver and housing work in tandem to gracefully react to vibrations and eliminate transient distortions. Featuring rich harmonic colors and world-renowned mid-range authenticity, the RS2x draws you closer to your favorite music. When you wear these headphones, soundstages are truly immersive, and the separation between vocals and instruments is mesmerizing.

Specifically tuned for the RS2x wood housing, the new speaker design features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. Reengineering these components for Grado's custom 44mm drivers improves efficiency, reduces distortion, and preserves the harmonic integrity of all types of music. Meticulous engineering makes a huge impact here: The drivers are matched within 0.5dB for cohesive, immersive sonics marked by impeccable timing.

Along with the speakers, the cables and headband have been redesigned for the RS2x. Housed in a more durable exterior, the now super annealed copper 8-conductor cable reveals even more detail, with improved purity. The new black leather headband is designed for all-day comfort, and it features a white-stitched accent for timeless style. For added convenience and protection, when you're not wearing the RS2x, the earcups swivel so that you can set the headphones flat on a table.

Founded in the U.S.A. in 1953, and working with wood for over a quarter century, Grado Labs has been perfecting the art of sonic reproduction every day since then. The RS2x headphones are hand assembled in Brooklyn and come with the 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"[The] RS2x brings a fun, big picture to the party. Vocals also appear concise, and focused with the rest of the spectrum.... If you are a fan of the Grado sound, you owe it to yourself to hear the RS2x. It's one of the best takes I've ever heard on the subject."
Audio Head

"[Anyone] who owns multiple sets of headphones and revels in their differences really ought to check out the RS2xes—and maybe kick in a few extra bucks for the bigger pads, because I suspect people who buy these will be putting in a lot of hours revisiting their favorite recordings."
—Brent Butterworth, SoundStage! Solo

Transducer Type: Dynamic
Operating Principle: Open Air
Frequency Response: 14 - 28,000 hz
SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB
Nominal Impedance: 38 ohms
Driver Matched dB: .05 dB