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Clearaudio - Charisma V2.1 MM Phono Cartridge

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Clearaudio - Charisma V2.1 MM Phono Cartridge

Clearaudio - Charisma V2.1 MM Phono Cartridge

Price $2,200.00
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Charismatic Performance: German-Made Clearaudio Charisma V2.1 MM Phono Cartridge Delivers Beguiling Dynamics and Channel Separation

Indisputably charismatic: Charisma V2.1, the flagship of Clearaudio's MM phono cartridge line, resets the limits on what's possible from a moving-magnet design at its price point. To achieve that goal, Clearaudio appropriated the diamond-coated boron cantilever and double-polished Micro-HD stylus used in its internationally acclaimed Goldfinger Statement MC cartridge. The German analog experts used hand-selected ebony wood to handcraft the cartridge body. A high-end generator with precisely matched, efficient magnets and siver inlay rounds out the design, whose construction and materials ensure flat frequency response and stellar clarity. 

Bu what really matters is the performance you'll experience. Taking its position as a reference instrument in its class, the German-made Charisma V2.1 honors its name with reference-level output (3.6mV) that permits it to effortlessly mate with even less-sensitive phono preamplifiers. This cartridge's beguiling dynamic range is matched only by its benchmark channel separation. Playing back vinyl, Charisma V2.1 helps turn LPs into something more than pieces of wax. Records become the equivalent of private concerts. Such is the level of imaging, balance, bass, detail, body, tonality, presence, soundstaging, and pacing achieved during playback. Charisma V2.1's tracking abilities are equally proficient. If the information is in the grooves, Charisma V2.1 will mine and present it with stunning realism. Call it analog at its most magnetic, personable, and charismatic.

About Clearaudio

Since founding Clearaudio in 1978, Peter Suchy and his team have pioneered a series of novel ideas, subjecting every new development to meticulous scientific examination and persistent testing. This refusal to accept limitations, and the dedication to strive toward new solutions and higher fidelity, have resulted in accolades from around the globe. Countless hours are invested in laboratories to make Clearaudio's flagship products even better, helping to redefine standards for various price classes.

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Output Voltage: ~ 3.6mV
Channel Separation: 30dB
Channel Balance: 0.2dB
Tracking Ability: 90μm
Tracking Force: 2.4g ± 0.3g
Coil Impedance: 0.66kΩ
Coil Inductance: 400mH
Load Resistance: 47kΩ
Load Capacitance: 100pF
Cantilever: Boron
Stylus: Clearaudio Prime Line
Body: Ebony Wood with German Silver inlay
Weight: 9g ± 1g
Warranty: 2 years

User Manual (PDF, 277 KB)

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