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Soundsmith - Paua Mk2 ES Low Output MI Phono Cartridge

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Soundsmith - Paua Mk2 ES Low Output MI Phono Cartridge

Soundsmith - Paua Mk2 ES Low Output MI Phono Cartridge

Price $3,999.95
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Sea-Shell Look Mirrors the Beauty, Naturalism, and Warmth of the Analog Performance: Soundsmith Paua mk II ES Moving-Iron Phono Cartridge Features Updated Body That Resists Vibration

Distinguished with a sea shell that mirrors the beauty, naturalism, and warmth of its performance, the Soundsmith Paua mk II ES low-output moving-iron phono cartridge delivers reference-level solidity, dimensionality, and focus from vinyl LPs. Featuring a newly developed aluminum alloy cantilever and highly polished low-mass nude Contact Line stylus, the U.S.A.-made Paua mk II ES harbors prized stiffness while providing damping critical to audiophile sound. And just check out its high channel separation specifications, which translate to profound dynamics, imaging, and soundstaging. A stellar tracker, mk II ES plays with low noise, tonal accuracy, and addictive pacing. Plus, your investment goes a long way in that Paua mk II ES can be rebuilt for 14% of its original cost.

Visually defined by a new, sleek body that resists the uncontrolled vibrations of traditional "boxy" cartridges, Soundsmith's ES line features a significant evolution of its DEMS (Dynamic Energy Management System) design. ES cartridges direct internal vibrational forces without reflection and disperse them properly to the tonearm. Such absence of reflections enables the stylus to stay in far greater statistical contact with the groove walls, leading to increased liquidity, reduced "grain," and preservation of valuable detail. Azimuth adjustment is also built into each model, along with the option for electrical isolation for hum-prone systems.

"There is something very unique and special about the Paua mk II, that had literally glued me to the prolonged music listenings."
Mono and Stereo, Upper Echelon Class Award

Significantly Reduced Internal Mass Means Decreased Noise
Soundsmith founder Peter Ledermann tirelessly worked to develop means to reduce the internal moving mass of Paua mk II ES by an awe-inspiring factor of five times less than any moving-coil design. He then found internal methods of correctly getting the "stored energy" (inertia) moved through the cartridge body, allowing the tonearm to damp out unwanted reflected energy that would otherwise go back down the cantilever and cause stylus jitter.

Use with Confidence: Paua mk II ES Can Be Rebuilt at Fraction of Original Cost
Paua mk II ES benefits from infallible customer support and a wonderful safety net. Soundsmith is the only high-end cartridge company that rebuilds its own products at a fraction of the original price – no matter what the issue. The manufacturer will rebuild this model at 14% of the original cost. Equally important, moving-iron cartridges can always be rebuilt, unlike MC designs sometimes damaged beyond possible repair.

Best of Both Worlds: Soundsmith Moving-Iron Cartridges
Enjoy the best of both worlds: Soundsmith's moving-iron cartridges encompass the advantages of moving-coil and moving-magnet designs while simultaneously lessening or eliminating the respective approaches' deficiencies. Boasting extraordinary tracking abilities that let them effortlessly sail through complex musical passages, a warm and detailed character, exceptional transient response, and a full sound that completes entire notes and finishes instrumental structures, U.S.A.-made Soundsmith models exude natural musicality and high-end design. You'll love your new Soundsmith the moment it hits your favorite records' grooves.

Type: Fixed Coil / Moving Iron
Mount: Standard 1/2"
Stylus: Contact Line, Nude, 0.10 mm square
Radius of Curvature: Nude Contact Line
Cantilever: Telescoping Aluminum Alloy
Recommended Tracking Force: 1.7 - 1.9g
Effective Tip Mass: 0.30 mg
Compliance: 10 µm/mN
Frequence Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz ± 1.0 dB
Channel Separation @ 1000 Hz: > 34 dB
Channel Separation @ 50 - 15,000 Hz: > 25 dB
Channel Difference: < 0.5 dB
Output Voltage @ 5cm/sec: > 0.40 mV
DC Resistance (DCR): 10Ω
Coil Inductance per channel: 2.75 mH
Suggested Preamp Gain: 58 - 64 dB
Cartridge Weight: 10.25g
Recommended Load Resistance: ≥ 470Ω
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