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Icon Audio - PS1 MkII MM/MC Tube Phono Preamplifier

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Icon Audio - PS1 MkII MM/MC Tube Phono Preamplifier

Icon Audio - PS1 MkII MM/MC Tube Phono Preamplifier


Updated With a Better Power Supply and Enhanced Circuitry: Dynamic Icon Audio PS1 Mk2 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier Is All-Tube, Completely Passive, and Point-to-Point Wired by Hand

Icon Audio designer David Shaw loves vinyl. What he doesn't like are the medium's sonic impurities, often found on older records that each and everyone of us has in their collection. His solution? The Icon Audio PS1 MkII MM/MC phono preamplifier. An all-valve component, this best-selling phono preamplifier is updated with a better power supply, enhanced circuitry and wiring, and sexier cosmetics. Completely passive, point-to-point wired by hand, the exceptional-sounding PS1 Mk2 gives you fluidity, musicality, detail, and pitch-black backgrounds. The inherent warm sound of the valves are tailor-made for vinyl playback. Since the massive overload of valves prevents distortion and reduces noise on LPs, valves handle massive transient spikes on imperfect, older LPs much better than transistors.

Built-In Volume Control, Stereo/Mono Switch, Choke Power Supply Among the Myriad Features

Originally built for Shaw's own personal use, the PS1 MkII MM/MC became a public product after the English designer was overwhelmed with requests by listeners that heard it in action. Shaw built the PS1--a "Reference Standard" component for Hi Fi World--so he could maximize analog's potential without having to hear unwanted artifacts. Equipped with a built-in volume control, stereo/mono switch for lower noise from mono LPs, separate power supply, choke power supply, Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot, high-quality resistors, and audiophile-grade audio capacitors, PS1 is exemplary of what's possible when incredible build quality and intuitive design are combined. This is a phonostage that captures the magic residing in vinyl's grooves.

Sonic Purity and a Smooth, Detailed Sound

Touting a higher-than-normal output, the PS1 can be connected directly to power amplifiers without a preamplifier. Its own volume control results in a noticeable sonic purity. Icon also constructed and fit its own transformers for the requisite extra gain in the MC pickup; they boast a smooth, detailed sound that will leave you enraptured. Silver audio cable, gold-plated input/output terminals, and a blue LED mains indicator help round out the feature set.

Unblemished Satisfaction Record

Since its introduction in 2005, the PS1 has not been returned to Icon once due to user dissatisfaction or unsuitability. We're confident you'll love it, too. Just in case, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. But enough about the fine print. Order online today or call a Music Direct audio consultant to arrange your audition with the PS1 and re-ignite your love affair with vinyl.

  • Built-in volume control, will drive most power amps
  • Stereo/mono switch for better S/N and distortion from mono and worn stereo records
  • Choke regulated power supply
  • Separate power supply for lower noise
  • All hand-wired point to point
  • No printed circuit board to color sound
  • Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot
  • All Triode valves
  • Heater circuit floated to minimize heater-cathode noise
  • Polished stainless steel chassis
  • Gold-plated Input terminals
  • Silver PTFE audio cable
  • Polypropylene audio capacitors
  • High quality 2w metal film and wire-wound resistors
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   MM 53db
   MC 72db
Input Impedance:
   MM: 47kΩ
   MC: 100Ω
Output Impedance: 50 ohms
S/N: -75db (MM unweighted)
RIAA Accuracy:
   20Hz: 0dB
   20kHz: -1dB
   Voltage: 120VAC @ 60Hz
   Consumption: 50W
   Fuse: 1.0A
Dimensions: (HWD)
   Preamp: 6.7x10.4x4.1" @ 6.3Lbs
   PSU: 4.7x9.3x6.3" @ 8.6Lbs

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