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AudioQuest - PowerQuest 707 Power Conditioner

Equipment Power Conditioner
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AudioQuest - PowerQuest 707 Power Conditioner


Take No Chances: 12-Outlet AudioQuest PowerQuest 707 Power Conditioner Offers Surge Protection, Auto Shutdown, Linear Noise Reduction, Transient Power Correction 

Twelve outlets, non-sacrificial surge protection, extreme-voltage auto shutdown, and more than 20 octaves of ultra-linear noise dissipation: The AudioQuest PowerQuest 707 power conditioner supplies the performance and protection your hi-fi or home-theater system needs. Measuring  3.5 x 17 x 13.4 inches (HWD), the 10.8-pound unit also effortlessly fits in custom-install setups due to rack-mountable design and pair of L2RU rack ears. 

Offering set-it-and-forget ease and audiophile technology, PowerQuest 707 also touts transient power correction — a current reservoir of up to 45 amps peak on-demand power for any amplifier. In sum, it supplies the low-impedance current your amp needs to help produce the thrilling dynamic contrasts, deep bass extension, and exacting control that makes recorded music come alive. This arrives on top of differential and common-mode filtering that helps you hear more of what you want — and much less of what you want to eliminate. 

Ready to go out of the box, PowerQuest 707 can be connected to your mains with the supplied AudioQuest PQ-715 power cable with a flat-to-wall plug and seven-strand long-grain copper. It also has the company’s ZERO-Tech application for uncompressed current transfer as well as RF/ND-Tech, which minimizes circuit misbehavior by canceling induced radio-frequency noise.

Need to know more about PowerQuest 707 or any of AudioQuest’s other power solutions? Just call a Music Direct audio consultant at 312-433-0200. 

  • Power Cable with Flat-to-Wall Plug: PQ-715: ZERO-Tech for uncompressed current transients and RF/ND-Tech for unprecedented Noise-Dissipation in this 2m RF-Noise Dissipating cable with Semi-Solid Concentric Conductors using Long-Grain Copper (15amps @120V)
  • Linear Filtering More than -22dB: Ultra-Linear Noise-Dissipation Differential Filter: 30kHz-1GHz (PQ-505); 8kHz-1GHz (PQ-707) Common-Mode Filter: 30kHz-100MHz
  • Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection: Withstands multiple AC surges and spikes up to 6000V/3000A without sustaining damage. Extreme-Voltage Automatic Shutdown at 140VAC.
  • Transient Power Correction with Current Reservoir: Optimized electrical parameters and 45 amp Current Reservoir (25mS)
  • 12 Outlets: 8 x Linear-Filtered for Source / Constant-Current components (TVs, media streaming devices, etc.) 4 x High-Current for Variable-Current components (amplifiers, powered speakers & subwoofers)
  • Rack-Mountable: Yes (2RU rack ears included)
  • Dimensions and Weight: 17in W x 14.9 in D x 3.4in H(3.7in w/ feet attached); 16.7 lbs

”User User Manual (PDF,1.6 MB)