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Audio Intelligent - Premium Archivist Formula

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Audio Intelligent - Premium Archivist Formula

Audio Intelligent - Premium Archivist Formula


Step Two: The Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solution Premium Archivist Formula is intended for use after the Enzymatic Formula as the second step in the record cleaning process. This formula is an Isopropanol-free alternative to the Super Cleaner Formula as the second cleaning step. Premium Archivist Formula retains the cleaning effectiveness of the Super Cleaner Formula, but is formulated to work without the Isopropanol component. This product is safe and effective for cleaning all records including shellacs. The Premium Archivist Formula also works on the principles of enzyme cleaning, but targets different contaminants than the Enzymatic Formula. Separating cleaning functions between two formulas allows each formula to perform its specific task more efficiently. As with the Enzymatic Formula, allowing the enzyme components to loosen and dissolve the contaminants on the record if the most effective method for cleaning. There is no need for hard scrubbing, as the fluids do the work on their own.

Instructions for Use (PDF, 178 KB)

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