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KEF - KC62 Powered Subwoofer

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KEF - KC62 Powered Subwoofer

KEF - KC62 Powered Subwoofer


"The Biggest Small Subwoofer" Features 6.5-Inch Drivers, P-Flex Surround Design, and Music Integrity Engine: Football-Sized KEF KC62 Plays with Incredible Depth, Accuracy, and Power

Billed by KEF as "the biggest small subwoofer," and an ideal complement to the company's LS50 Meta bookshelf speakers, KC62 turns heads by way of its ability to produce deep, accurate, forceful, and controlled bass from a ridiculously compact footprint. Endowed with KEF's hallmark Uni-Core technology and two 6.5-inch force-cancelling driver units, the football-sized marvel lives to enhance music, movies, and gaming.

Belying its modest 9.68 x 10.07 x 9.76-inch (HWD) dimensions, the 30.9-pound unit cuts down on traditional subwoofer bulk without sacrificing on sound quality via drivers combined in a signal magnet system. The arrangement also enhances excursion and precision. Playing with exceptional output, speed, and breadth, KC62 gets its fuel from 1,000RMS of built-in amplification that provides the power bursts necessary for high-energy action scenes and demanding music passages. Equally important, K62 uses KEF's P-Flex surround (a pleated design inspired by origami) for precise driver movement. The added presence of Smart Distortion Control technology reduces distortion, and KEF's onboard Music Integrity Engine enhances overall performance.

True to KEF tradition, KC62 takes aesthetics and flexibility just as seriously. Able to be placed next to a wall, in a corner, in a cabinet, or in an open space, K62 comes with five pre-set placement equalization settings to ensure consistent performance no matter where it sits. For extra versatility, it even touts a dedicated apartment mode. Comprised of extruded aluminum for a winning combination of strength and beauty, the curved KC62 also syncs with almost any system imaginable. KEF SmartConnect and speaker-level inputs take care of connectivity, while a line output with HPF permits effortless integration. Want wireless ability? KC62 is compatible with KEF's optional KWI wireless subwoofer adapter kit.

Need more? Our 100% Music Direct Guarantee puts the exclamation point on what should be a no-brainer choice for you to enjoy a risk-free audition of KC62 in your own home.

"This seemingly miraculous speaker delivers massive, fast and tautly controlled bass down to subterranean depths."
—EISA Award for 2021-2022, Hi-Fi Subwoofer

Accuracy, Depth, Speed, and Power

Accuracy is a KEF hallmark, whether in full-range loudspeakers or in subwoofers dedicated to delivering sensational bass. An array of innovative technologies come together to ensure KC62's bass accuracy, including the P-Flex surround for precise driver movement and Smart Distortion Control technology that reduces distortion. Performance is further maximized via KEF's Music Integrity Engine.

Uni-Core Technology

Craving an immersive entertainment experience but put off by bulky subwoofers? KC62's patent-pending Uni-Core technology revolutionizes the traditional force-cancelling design to deliver deep accurate bass from an ultra-compact cabinet. Combining both drivers into a single magnet system allows cabinet size to be reduced by over a third, while also increasing excursion to unlock exceptional output and depth.

P-Flex (Origami Surround)

The P-Flex driver surround has a unique pleated design inspired by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, engineered to better resist the acoustic pressure in the cabinet to allow the driver to move more precisely compared to traditional surround designs. The result is deeper bass extension and a more accurate and detailed bass reproduction.

Turn It Up

KC62's twin drivers are powered by 1,000W RMS (2 x 500W) of specially designed Class D amplification, providing exceptional levels of control and the ability to deliver sudden bursts of power when required.

Same Performance Everywhere

KC62 slips effortlessly into any environment or listening room, with its five pre-set room-placement equalization feature ensuring the same performance no matter where you decide to place it: in free space, next to the wall, in a corner, nestled within a cabinet, or using the dedicated apartment mode.

Design: Uni-Core Force Cancellation
Drive units: 2 x 6.5” drivers
Frequency response (±3dB): 11Hz – 200Hz
Max output: 105dB
Amplifier type: Built-in Class D
Amplifier power: 1000W RMS (2 x 500W RMS)
Variable low pass filter: 40Hz – 140Hz, LFE
Input: RCA phono sockets
Speaker level inputs
Line output: RCA phono sockets
Line output high pass filter: 40Hz – 120Hz, Bypass
Power requirements: 100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 1000W
Weight: 30.9 lbs.
Dimension (HWD): 9.68" x 10.07" x 9.76"