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REL - Carbon Special Subwoofer

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REL - Carbon Special Subwoofer

REL - Carbon Special Subwoofer


True to Its Name in Performance and Technology: REL Carbon Special Subwoofer Features 12-Inch BlackWidow Driver with CSP Passive Driver, Beautiful Cabinet, 1,000-Watt Amplifier

The REL Carbon Special subwoofer is true to its name — not only in performance, but in the components it harbors. Among the elements exclusively devised for the British-made 85.3-pound model: A brand-new BlackWidow 12-inch carbon-fiber driver with a bespoke down-firing CSP passive driver, a combination that delivers superb dynamic balance across the entire frequency range of its large four-inch fore-and-aft stroke. A custom-designed CS PerfectFilter that enhances both ends of the spectrum all the while providing airy, delicate highs and breathtakingly deep, ultra-low bass. And a new cabinet that extends deeper than prior REL mid-chassis subwoofers, allowing Carbon Special to optimize the ability of its driver complement. Not to be forgotten: Carbon-fiber visual details found amidst the chrome and polished stainless accents, all of which complement the multi-coat gloss piano-black finish. Yes, this is one special instrument.

Being a REL, it also arrives built for speed — and built to last. Compatible with the optional REL AirShip wireless system, Carbon Special touts the company's proven NextGen 1,000-watt amplifier and handles massive power with effortless ease. A cleanly laid-out array of user-friendly controls mean you can dial-in the exact settings that seamlessly blend with your room and audio gear. As for the sound and what Carbon Special brings to recordings you may have heard hundreds of times? Prepare for an ear-opening, eye-awakening experience in which you'll notice dynamics, harmonics, details, textures, solidity, presence, imaging, and placement that until now were outside of your perspective.

Seem too good to be true? Audition the 18 x 17 x 21.25-inch (HWD) Carbon Special risk-free in your own home, or better still, get two and come to the same conclusion that practically every music lover who has heard REL magic admits: There's no going back. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"The Carbon Special appears to fill in the fine detail so much that turning it off creates an impression of something missing.... Another impressive virtue of the Carbon Special is a sense of the greater wealth of information being presented in an entirely coherent fashion.... If you already have a decent system, have some understanding about the harmonic behavior of the frequency range, and are looking to get more fun out of your music collection, this is probably the least expensive and most comprehensive way to do it."
—Jason Kennedy, Hi-Fi+

"In the case of REL, it is possible to take one's system to a new level without swapping [any component] out, and more importantly, losing value in what you already own. The performance advantages are immediate, as I discovered by adding a pair of the new Serie S Carbon Specials to my system. Adding another four to that complete system took things to an entirely new and higher level. If you have the space, I cannot more highly recommend listening to what a Line Array of REL's new Serie S Carbon Specials can do to elevate your system to a new level. It did mine."

Type: Closed box, front-firing active woofer
Active Driver Size & Material: 12 in., 300mm long-throw, carbon fiber cone with inverted carbon fiber center cap
Passive Radiator Size & Material: 12 in., 300mm Carbon, carbon flat cone structure, steel chassis
Low Frequency Extention: -6 dB at 19Hz (in Room)
Input Connectors: High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stereo RCA, LFE RCA, and LFE XLR
Output Connectors: High Level Neutrik Speakon, LFE RCA, and LFE XLR
Power Output: 1000 watts (RMS)
Amplifier Type: NextGen5 Class D
Wireless Capability: Airship Wireless Required (sold separately)
Protection System:
   Fully Electronic Set Safe
   D.C. Fault
   Output Short
Mains Input Voltage: 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets
Fuses: 5 Amp 220 volts operation, 9 Amp 120 volts operation
Dimensions (WHD): 17" x 18" x 21.25"
Net Weight: 85.3 lbs. (38.7 kg)
Finish: Piano Black Lacquer, 8 coats
Supplied Accessories
   Mains Lead
   Neutrik Speakon
   Interconnect, 10 Meters Nominal
   User Manual

One Sheet (PDF, 1.1 MB)

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