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Revel - M126Be Bookshelf Speaker (Each)

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Revel - M126Be Bookshelf Speaker (Each)

Revel - M126Be Bookshelf Speaker (Each)


Revel Performa M126Be: A Bookshelf Loudspeaker The Absolute Sound Says Provides "Silken, Shimmering Refinement"

Finding a bookshelf loudspeaker armed with an enormous 6.5-inch woofer can present a challenge. Finding one that plays with the emotionalism, expansiveness, smoothness, and cohesiveness of The Absolute Sound Product of the Year and Editors' Choice Award-winning Revel Performa M126Be might be next to impossible. Re-engineered from the ground up, the two-way model shares most of the sound-first elements featured in its bigger brother, F228Be, and wraps them in a more compact design. The same extra-stiff, ultra-light one-inch beryllium tweeter and cast-aluminum Acoustic Lens waveguide rank chief amongst M126Be's highlights.

They result in performances distinguished by near-inaudible distortion, continuous soundstages, and visceral impact that belies the speaker's 15.2 x 8.3 x 10.3-inch dimensions. Revel's sophisticated crossover slopes ensure seamless transducer integration. Extremely fast and stopwatch accurate, M126Be lets you hear extremely deep into recordings and doesn't shirk from high volumes. All you need to do is connect M126Be to ample power, sit back, and prepare for low-level detail, timbral realism, and lightning-fast speed that will have you on the edge of your seat. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"There are fireworks and ass-kicking dynamics, yes, but more importantly there's a degree of silken, shimmering refinement that's rare in this cost-conscious segment."
—Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear and Editors' Choice Awards

"...If you want 'better-than-electrostatic' treble, a 'see-into-it-for-miles' midrange, and excellent bass quality from a small speaker, I don't know of anything else (at any price) that could compete with these Revel M126Be loudspeakers."
—Glenn Young,

"Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this excellent compact is its almost eerie continuity of soundstage—an unbroken tapestry of images woven into ambient soundspace."
—The Absolute Sound, 2018 Product of the Year Award

"This is a speaker for the head and heart more than it is for the physiology.  It doesn't have bone-shaking bass, but makes up for this with exquisite inner detail and very low distortion. It has an honest balance that favors accuracy over short term wow factor, so it's a speaker for the sophisticate rather than the closet rocker."
—Jason Kennedy, Hi-Fi+

"The M126Be speakers are very accurate speakers with an outstanding off-axis response. They will not misrepresent or distort what is being sent to them. They could easily be used as reference monitors. They are not fussy about placement or positioning and should work well in many different listening situations."
—James Larson, Audioholics

The Beauty of Beryllium

Beryllium - Element 4 on the Periodic Table - is a rare earth metal that is renowned for its remarkable physical properties that make it the ideal material for a high-frequency transducer. Compared to aluminum and titanium tweeter diaphragms, beryllium offers 4.5 times the stiffness and three times more damping, and does so at only half of the weight.

  • One-inch beryllium dome tweeter
  • High-order crossovers with film capacitors and air-core inductors
  • Fifth-generation Acoustic Lens Waveguide
  • Magnetically attached grilles
  • DCC cone midrange and woofers
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High-frequency Driver Components: 1" Beryllium dome with acoustic lens waveguide
Low-frequency Driver Components: 6.5" Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) Aluminum Cone with cast frame
Frequency Response (+/-3dB): 54Hz - 44kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 - 150 Watts
Crossover Frequencies: 1.7kHz
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 86dB (2.83V @1M)
Finishes: High-gloss Black, White, Walnut and Metallic Silver
Dimensions (HWD): 15.2"x 8.3" x 10.3"
Weight: 22 lbs.

User Manual (PDF, 2.0 MB)

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