Jenny Lewis - On the Line (Vinyl LP)

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Jenny Lewis - On the Line (Vinyl LP)

Jenny Lewis - On the Line (Vinyl LP)


Fourth Solo Album Produced By Beck/Ryan Adams and Featuring an Esteemed Backing Band of Benmont Tench, Don Was, Jim Keltner, Ringo Starr, Beck & Adams!

Jenny Lewis returned in 2019 with her highly anticipated fourth solo album, On The Line – the former Rilo Kiley member's follow up to 2014's critically acclaimed The Voyager. Produced by Beck and Ryan Adams, the 11 all-new original songs were written by Lewis and recorded at Capitol Records' Studio B, and feature a backing band of legendary talent including Benmont Tench, Don Was, Jim Keltner, Ringo Starr, Beck and Adams. There were two events in Jenny's life that had an emotional impact on recording the album. One was a recent breakup and the other was the passing of her mother. On the Line is introduced by the retro, Emmylou Harris-esque lead single, "Red Bull & Hennessy."

Jenny says of working with Jim Keltner: "I think his drums are the center of the record. Supporting every phrase. He's listening to the nuances of the stories. Waiting. He's so intuitive and creative and leaves so much space. He's like father time. The heartbeat of your favorite rock n roll songs. We bonded musically. Immediately. It's like I was floating on his rhythm. My fingers on the keys held up by strings. Like a puppet's fingers. That's when you know you are playing with the world's best drummer. They make you a better musician."

On playing with Ringo Starr: "You can hear the excitement in my voice and in the playing of the band on the Ringo tracks. The energy in the room was palpable on the day he was there. It's live music, so my voice cracks and sometimes the pitch isn't perfect, but that's why it's alive! It's flawed and heavy with humanity. There was a lot going on in that room in between takes the band talked Dylan. The band had all played with Bob. Wow!"

On working with Ryan Adams: "The vocals are totally live on most of the Ryan tracks. I played the baby grand piano that was on (Carole King's) Tapestry and sang with the band. Ryan insisted I play piano while singing. I begged for an additional piano player or for Benmont to track my piano parts. Ryan insisted I play. And he was right. I am a better singer when I am playing an instrument in the studio. Less in my head. Less of a showboat. It's like it erases all the child actor perfection shit that I learned as a kid. I was trained to be perfect. To hit the mark, but I was never perfect."

Jenny on inviting Beck to work on the album with her: "I knew he'd understand the tunes. He's a friend and mentor. We both grew up in L.A.. We share a lot. Geographically, musically. I think we are both shape shifters, record collectors, and genre jumpers."



  1. Heads Gonna Roll
  2. Wasted Youth
  3. Red Bull & Hennessy
  4. Hollywood Lawn
  5. Do Si Do
  6. Dogwood
  7. Party Clown
  8. Little White Dove
  9. Taffy
  10. On The Line
  11. Rabbit Hole
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