Rosali - Bite Down (Vinyl LP)

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Rosali - Bite Down (Vinyl LP)

Rosali - Bite Down (Vinyl LP)

Price $23.99
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Rosali's Merge Records Debut Album Bite Down on LP.

Bite Down, the Merge Records debut of Rosali, finds acclaimed songwriter and guitarist Rosali Middleman in the midst of transition. Written after moving to North Carolina from her longtime home of Philadelphia, Bite Down is a searching, hungry record by an artist who is resolved to bite down on life, in all it's horror and joy.

She is joined here by Mowed Sound-David Nance (bass, guitar), James Schroeder (guitar, synth), Kevin Donahue (drums, percussion)-and in studio by Destroyer collaborator Ted Bois (keys). Bite Down is Rosali's second album working with Mowed Sound, and there is urgency and ambition in their collaboration-a band pushing each other not just to expand on what they've already done together, but to break through into altogether new territory.

  1. On Tonight
  2. Rewind
  3. Hills on Fire
  4. My Kind
  5. Bite Down
  6. Hopeless
  7. Slow Pain
  8. Is It Too Late
  9. Change Is in the Form
  10. May It Be on Offer
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