The Strokes - Room On Fire (Vinyl LP)

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The Strokes - Room On Fire (Vinyl LP)

The Strokes - Room On Fire (Vinyl LP)

Price $23.99
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The follow-up recording to the group's insanely popular debut recording Is This It, Room On Fire proves to be a worthy addition to the band's catalog. Released a full two years after their debut, The Strokes are back and sound very determined to live up to the expectations for this new release. Although not drastically different from Is This It (at least on the surface), the songs expand upon previous bases and suggest that the band is continuing to grow musically, fighting against tendencies and exploring.

      1.   What Ever Happened?  - 2:54
      2.   Reptilia  - 3:41
      3.   Automatic Stop  - 3:26
      4.   12:51  - 2:33
      5.   You Talk Way Too Much  - 3:04
      6.   Between Love & Hate  - 3:15
      7.   Meet Me in the Bathroom  - 2:57
      8.   Under Control  - 3:06
      9.   The Way It Is  - 2:22
    10.   The End Has No End  - 3:07
    11.   I Can't Win  - 2:34

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