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Shunyata - Venom Defender

Equipment Power Conditioner
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Shunyata - Venom Defender

Shunyata - Venom Defender


Reduce Noise, Protect Your System from Surges and Spikes, Improve Performance: Plug-and-Play Pocket-Sized Shunyata Venom Defender Power Conditioner Goes in Any Outlet

The world's only outboard pocket-sized power conditioner, the Shunyata Venom Defender is the only product in its field that provides both supreme protection and noise isolation by plugging directly into a wall outlet. A plug-in version of the MPDA 30-Element power conditioning used in Triton's "pocket power conditioner," it eliminates the need for an extra power cord, internal wiring, outlets, breakers, coils, or shelf space. Because it does so much for such little cost, a Defender should be used in every outlet into which you plug electronics. Put one wherever you have computers, televisions, all audio and video components, and any portable electronics.

"The eminently affordable Venom Series power products from Shunyata blindsided me...they clarified and fine-tuned timber and character, and released hidden musicality from my system. Bravo for designing a system that acknowledges the fact that not everyone has the cash, space, or inclination to run dedicated lines."
– Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear and Editors' Choice Awards

Features Technology and Parts Previously Only Available in Hydra Series
Venom Defender features Shunyata's exclusive MPDA (multi phase differential array), a 30-element filter network that targets specific noise generated by electronic power supplies and which was previously available only in Shunyata's critically acclaimed Hydra Series power distributors. This dramatically reduces the noise floor, improving musical enjoyment. Additionally, NextGEN TMOV provide up to 22,000 Amps of surge protection. This compact-sized protection and filter package contains an integrated fuse and has a red LED indicator that alerts the user in the unlikely event of an internal fault.

Plug-and-Play Solution for Amplifiers As Well As Media Entertainment Systems, Computers, TVs
By filtering everything back to the breaker, Defender filters noise away from components and any electronics you have on a power line. Venom Defender is the only solution that provides surge protection and noise reduction to power amplifiers without the negative effects of traditional chassis-based power solutions. It eliminates the extra power cord, internal wiring, outlets, breakers, coils and shelf space. This makes it perfect for not only amplifiers but media entertainment systems, computers, televisions, and any portable electronics.

"In fact, every recording, good or bad, was similarly improved in terms of soundstaging, dimensionality, and high-frequency refinement – with absolutely no downside whatsoever. Can you really ask for more?"
– Doug Schneider, SoundStage! Global

Designed to Complement the Venom PS8: Unlimited Flexibility
Defender was created by Shunyata to offer high-performance plug-in protection and noise-filtration for Shunyata's Venom PS8 power distributor. It offers the ultimate in utility by plugging directly into the Venom PS8 or more conveniently into the same wall outlet as the PS8 to provide protection for the entire system. This outboard protection and noise-reduction capability affords virtually unlimited flexibility across the broadest possible range of system applications. When combined with the Venom PS8 power distributor and several of the Venom Series power cords, it provides the most affordable, performance oriented power-distribution system in the industry.

  • Plug-and-play convenience and system-wide surge protection
  • Designed for use in every outlet into which you have electronics plugged
  • Same MPDA noise reduction used in more expensive Triton products
  • Eliminates need for extra power cord, internal wiring, and space
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Maximum voltage: 120V AC
Maximum current: NA
Maximum surge: 22,000 Amps
Connector: NEMA P-15 or NEMA P-20
Dimensions: 4.3" x 1.48"
Weight: 3.4 oz.

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