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Rega - io Integrated Amplifier

Equipment Amplification Integrated Amp
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Rega - io Integrated Amplifier

Rega - io Integrated Amplifier


Superb Budget Integrated Amplifier Features Two Line-Level Inputs, MM Phono Preamp, and Headphone Amp: Rega io Marries High-Value Performance with Simple Operation

Featuring the same power amplifier and MM phono preamplifier as its larger sibling, the award-winning Brio, the budget-minded Rega io integrated amplifier marries the British company's high-value performance with extreme convenience. Ideal for listeners that want a simple solution for systems comprised of a turntable, speakers, streamer, and/or CD player, as well as for those seeking a generous taste of rich audiophile sonics, io doesn't require Wi-Fi, updates, or a blueprint to function. It just does its job, and does it well.

Incredibly easy to set up and use, the 30Wpc io fits practically anywhere while delivering unmistakable high-end sound. Credit for its size-belying abilities – and detailed, dynamic presentation – relate to Rega's careful selection of components. For one, its Class AB circuit shares its DNA with those of Rega's other models. Sanken output transistors, an Alps volume potentiometer, and a linear power supply are also onboard.

When it comes to connectivity, io boasts two line-level inputs as well as the aforementioned MM phonostage. And for times when you want to listen in private, io gives you the benefit of a front-panel headphone amplifier driven from the power amplifier stage through relays to avoid signal degradation. For added flexibility, a mini remote control comes standard. As does our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee.

"The Rega io is so good, one is tempted to summon up a cauldron full of well-worn audiophile clichés. While it is excellent at first listen, the toughest part of reviewing a component offering such a high level of performance is that it begs being connected to much more expensive ancillaries to experience the depth of its true capabilities."
– Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio

"The io looks, feels, and sounds like a much more expensive unit and serves up a smooth and detailed sound quality, belying the relatively modest 30W of power output on offer – making it another worthy addition to the budget amp hall of fame."
Hi-Fi Choice, five-star review

"Ultimately, with the arrival of the io, Rega's unmistakable and unquestionably entertaining signature amplifier sound is now more accessible than ever. And, as we cast our minds back to when we first learned of the Rega io's existence, that is all we could have hoped for."
What Hi-Fi?, five-star review and Best Stereo Amplifier under 400 Euro Award

"The Rega io is a great little amplifier, it packs a punch that you don't get from the far more highly featured competition that exists on the market and delivers music that you just want to keep playing."
– Jason Kennedy, The Ear

"This small but mighty British integrated gets the job done, right."
TONEAudio, Exceptional Value Award

Power outputs at 230/115 V supply voltage: 30 W RMS both channels driven into the rated load of 8 Ω
Input 1 (Phono) input sensitivity: 2.1 mV @ 47 kΩ in parallel with 220 pF
Maximum input 1 (Phono) input level: 100 mV
Input 2-3 (Line) input sensitivity: 210 mV @ 47 kΩ
Maximum input 2-3 (Line) input level: 10.25 V
Headphone output:
   No load 8 V
   32 Ω 1.6 V
   54 Ω 2.4 V
   300 Ω 5.7 V
Source impedance: 109 Ω
Power consumption: 135 W @ 230 V / 220 V / 115 V / 100 V into the rated load of 8 Ω
Frequency response: Phono: 15 Hz to 40 kHz (-3 dB points) / 27 Hz to 20.5 kHz (-1 dB points)
RIAA accuracy: (100Hz to 10 kHz) ±0.4 dB typically better than ±0.3 dB
Line: 12 Hz (-1 dB points) to 43 kHz (-3 dB points)
Remote control: Batteries included –2 x AAA Alkaline.
Fuse ratings:
   T1.6 AL 250 V: 230 V / 50Hz and 220 V / 60 Hz
   T3.15 AL 250 V: 115 V / 60 Hz and 100 V / 50/60 Hz
Weight: 6.4 lbs.
Dimensions (WDH): 7.1" x 11.4" x 2.7"

User Manual (PDF, 722 KB)

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