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Cardas - 101 Bulk Speaker Cable (Priced Per Foot)

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Cardas - 101 Bulk Speaker Cable (Priced Per Foot)

Cardas - 101 Bulk Speaker Cable (Priced Per Foot)


Get Better Entry-Level System Sound in a Jiff: U.S.A.-Made Cardas 101 Bulk Speaker Cable Plays with Natural Tonality, Deep Bass Responsivess, and Detailed Highs

Want to enjoy natural tonality? Deep, rich bass response? How about detailed high frequencies? Experience a considerable leap in performance over stock wire with a simple speaker cable upgrade by way of Cardas 101 speaker cable, made right here in the U.S.A. Featuring two 14 AWG bare-copper conductors built around a small air-tube, Cardas 101 adheres to Golden Ratio proportions and comes insulated in a poly jacket. Such isolation contributes to the natural, smooth, non-fatiguing sound for which Cardas 101 is renowned.

Since it uses OFHC bare copper and has a TPR outer jacket, Cardas 101 is easy to bend and flex. It can be used with crimped connectors, or just strip-and-twist to use it with five-way binding posts. No matter your approach, this is an instant way to get more engaging fidelity and upgrade from stock speaker wire! Plus, it can be ordered in any length you desire. 

Prepare Cardas 101 in Four Easy Steps:

1. Cut back a couple inches of the grey outer jacket, and you'll find two 14 AWG conductors surrounded by white cotton dielectric.
2. Cut away the dielectric, and strip about an inch of the red and black jackets from the conductor.
3. Untwist the copper wires, and you'll find a non-conductive core filament. Snip that away, and re-twist the conductor.
4. Now, you can use it as a bare-wire cable and insert the twisted copper into your binding posts. Or solder spades or bananas onto the ends.

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