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Mofi Electronics - SourcePoint 888 Floor-Standing Speakers (Pair)

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Mofi Electronics - SourcePoint 888 Floor-Standing Speakers (Pair)


Experience Music in New Dimensions: Designed by Andrew Jones, MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 888 Floor-Standing Speakers Provide Holographic Soundstages and Play with Total Cohesiveness

What does it feel like to hear music and have it seem like the artists that made that record are feet away from where you sit, aligned as they would be on a stage or in the studio, with their instruments, voices, and bodies rendered in correct proportion? The Mobile Fidelity Electronics SourcePoint 888 floor-standing speakers invite you to find out every time you spin an LP, play a CD, or stream programming. Developed from top to bottom over the course of an entire year by internationally acclaimed engineer Andrew Jones at his dedicated California studio, SourcePoint 888 achieves new performance benchmarks in its price class and leverages the inimitable benefits uniquely tied to decades of proven expertise — as well as the rare advantages of creating a speaker without the pressures of time constraints or corporate demands.

Named after the size of its trio of drivers, SourcePoint 888 lives to thrill and impress, to stay truthful to the source while having fun, and to generate emotional responses by way of reproducing music with uncanny naturalism and reach-out-in-touch-it imaging. In short, this is a speaker whose soundstaging conforms to the definition of “holographic” cited by the Cambridge Dictionary: "related to images in which objects look as if they are solid and real, not flat.” With SourcePoint 888, you’ll literally and figuratively experience new dimensions.

Anchored by a pair of eight-inch paper-cone woofers devised exclusively for SourcePoint 888, a 1.25-inch wide-roll soft-dome tweeter, and an eight-inch midrange driver arranged in a concentric configuration, each three-way vented-box speaker operates with absolute synergy and cohesiveness — resulting in harmonious sonics distinguished with reference-caliber balance, tonality, and dynamics. The small albeit critical details in high frequencies, the visceral impact of the midrange, the weight and extension of the crucial lows all come through with remarkable clarity and presence.

These desirable traits also owe to Jones’ obsessive oversight of each component within SourcePoint 888. Refusing to be satisfied with merely good, Jones experimented with and tested an array of parts, crossovers, and materials before extensive listening led him to selecting the optimal combination you will enjoy in your pair of SourcePoint 888s. Simply put, if it wasn’t up to Jones’ standards, it would not be up to yours, either.

That pursuit of greatness extends to what’s visible on the exterior. Start with the front baffle, whose sculpted profile, multiple facets, and sturdy build eliminate diffractions and allow you to hear what you’re supposed to hear — namely, the smooth and even-handed response of the drivers. This sensible and stylish approach puts a stop to the nasty reflections and distortions that hamper many floor-standing speakers, even those that command premium prices. The cabinet craftsmanship and architectural framework adhere to the same acoustic principles. Boasting sophisticated internal bracing and furniture-grade real-wood veneer that’s book-matched for mirror-image grain patterns on both speakers, SourcePoint 888 exudes class in each of its three gorgeous finishes.

From a technical angle, the dual woofers in SourcePoint 888 use dual opposing neodymium magnets in a configuration that involves a short coil in a long magnetic gap. In the latter ,the magnetic field is completely uniform throughout, providing an extremely linear and accurately controlled force for driving the cone. Like all of the drivers in SourcePoint 888, each woofer performs in a carefully designed individual isolated chamber that adds considerable stiffness to the cabinet and further tames unwanted resonance. The woofers also reach below 130Hz and relieve the concentric driver from having to produce deep bass, thereby freeing it up to focus on the midrange and treble. Each SourcePoint 888 measures 42.1 x 12.6 x 16.1 inches (HWD), covers a frequency range of 32Hz-30kHz, and boasts a sensitivity of 87dB.

Relatively easy to position, SourcePoint 888 boasts two rear-panel ports and a pair of binding posts that allow for optional bi-amping or bi-wiring. You also have the option of dressing up the 96.2-pound SourcePoint 888 with supplied magnetic speaker grilles that instantly attach and detach, making them an ideal option for when you aren’t listening or simply crave a different look. Two kinds of feet — cones and flat, for carpet and tile/hardwood floors, respectively — screw into the bottom of the cabinet and provide requisite stability.

Want to know more about a speaker we guarantee you will absolutely love? Contact a Music Direct audio consultant at 312-433-0200 and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have, and tell you more about SourcePoint 888 and MoFi Electronics.

“Nobody tell MoFi, but these speakers would still be the best current value in hi-fi at twice the price. The loudspeaker’s bass performance was extraordinary, with members of the audience egging on Andrew Jones to play notoriously bass-heavy music (Deadmau5, Tool) at very enthusiastic levels.”
—Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound, Best Sound (For-the-Money) & Most Significant Product Introduction (AXPONA 2024)


• 3-way vented box system with a concentric driver configuration for superior sound dispersion.

• Equipped with a 1.25" wide roll soft dome tweeter and dual 8" paper cone woofers for detailed highs and powerful bass.

• Available in elegant Satin Walnut or Black Ash real wood veneer finishes.

• High-quality crossover design for seamless frequency integration.

• Sturdy construction and sophisticated design to complement any interior.

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  • Frequency Range: 32Hz-30kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms, 4.5 Ohms minimum
  • Sensitivity: 87dB/2.83V/1m
  • Crossover Frequency: 130, 1.6kHz
  • Max Power Input: 200W
  • Tweeter: 1.25" wide roll soft dome
  • Midrange: 8" Paper Cone
  • Woofer: 2 x 8" Paper Cone
  • System Configuration: 3-way vented box, concentric driver
  • Cabinet Finish: Satin black painted baffle / satin real wood Walnut or Black Ash veneer
  • Dimensions (W x D X H):320 x 410 x 1070 mm (12.6" x 16.14" x 42.13") without grille; 210 x 425 x 1070 mm (12.6" x 16.73" x 42.13") with grille
  • Weight: 96.2 lbs / 43 kg

”User User Manual (PDF, 625 KB)